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Amazon Price: $7.99 $7.99 (as of June 21, 2018 10:03 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Data Plan Prices: 500MB (900 JPY), 1GB (1,500 JPY), 2GB (2,500 JPY), 3GB (3,500 JPY), 5GB (5,500 JPY) Network: Docomo Xi network, Connectivity: 2100 MHz / 800 MHz (W-CDMA / HSDPA / HSUPA), Voice Call / SMS: Not Supported, Data Top Up: Supported, Compatibility: Compatible with Unlocked devices, APN Settings: Required, After Use: Disposable

Customer Reviews

This is how setting up connectivity for foreign travel should work.

 on September 10, 2017
By Alexander L. Belikoff
Having read about idiosyncratic situation with voice and data in Japan, I was quite anxious about nasty surprises and lack of connectivity. Well, using Zen SIM made the experience actually much better than that with many other countries!

A definite buy for your trip to Japan

 on April 11, 2017
By Mr Kenn
I just returned from Japan. This was not only a great product, but the pricing was excellent. Service in Japan was excellent on the Docomo network. The app used for setting up the profile was easy for even a novice tech person, it also showed you the amount of data still remaining. You also made the data purchase on the app too and could hit the ground running as soon as the plane landed. I also used VOIP apps to make phone calls. Magic Jack to make and receive calls to and from the US and Skype Out to make calls in Japan. All worked flawlessly. iMessage worked good too. As I forwarded my iPhone number to my Magic Jack number, the only downside was not receiving texts to my local number from people that did not have Apple iMessage. Nothing left to say other than this is the one to buy.

Excellent product with the best options for data use while in Japan.

 on October 30, 2017
By Dia Mortensen
Excellent product with the best options for data use while in Japan. I got a few these for me and my wife while we were in Japan and I overestimated how much data I would use. I got 2 GB for 30 days for a 10 day visit, with the intention of not streaming or uploading videos and pictures. Using that discipline in 10 days I only used up 900 megs of data. While we were there my wife and I used primarily Line and Skype for communicating with each other friends and family, and Google maps. For this purpose 1 GB is more than enough for up to two weeks. The one thing I would add that’s important to know is the type of phone you bring. First and foremost it must be unlocked. Know that all Verizon and T-Mobile phones come automatically unlocked, anything purchased after 2014. While the instruction says “LTE only”, this isn’t true. My wife and I had unlocked T-Mobile phones but they always showed of 4G connection. If you must have LTE connection then you should bring a unlocked Sprint or Verizon phone. LTE is a little faster than 4G, but 4G is fast enough for most needs. Getting a Sprint phone unlocked is difficult. But remember all Verizon phones are already unlocked. We traveled between Tokyo, Osaka and Okinawa and the whole time there was virtually no point where we did not have reception. This MVNO uses DoCoMo towers which from what I’ve read has the best coverage in Japan. In short I highly recommend this product. But make sure you read up on how to use it before you leave to make sure you have activated it properly before you get to Japan.

Get this one!!!

 on April 25, 2017
By Ihnee
This sim was very easy to use and very affordable. My husband and I have a GalxyS7 and my mom has an iPhone 7 on Verizon. My family and I traveled to Japan in March of 2017. Like most first time travelers to Japan, we worried about not having internet access to help us get around. I know some of the reviews say that you have to get an unlocked phone to use any SIM card. Naturally, I looked up ways to unlock my phone. But I gave up and just called Verizon instead. I was very surprised that they were willing to unlock my phone for no charge. However they didn’t need to because according to Verizon, they lock your SIM card, not your cell phone. So you can easily just pop this SIM card and start using it (given that you follow the SIM’s instructions.) I will definitely use this again if I am ever lucky to go back to Japan and I will definitely recommend this to my friends.

Convenient Data SIM card

 on April 1, 2018
Bought for our teenager visiting Japan for ten days on a school trip. I know data SIM cards are easily available at international airports in Japan but wanted to purchase one beforehand as we weren’t sure if he would be allowed or have time to purchase one at the airport. We purchased the card from Amazon and set up an account before he left. He popped in SIM once he got to Japan and followed the directions, and it worked without any problems. He texted us a lot and sent us a lot of pictures. He couldn’t make calls as this is data SIM but we could FaceTime. Toward the end of the trip he ran out of data, but I got an email notice and was able to refill easily. It might not have been the cheapest option but it was very convenient as we could buy and pay for it in advance. Also it comes with a SIM pin and adapters for different size SIM cards, which is very convenient. I would consider buying it again when we visit Japan next time.

best experience

 on February 4, 2018
By ic
I’m a Japanese living in the US and had tried many SIM cards for my previous homecoming trips to Japan. I found this best and will buy it again.

Have a SIM puller handy or a safety pin. We struggled to find a way to remove our SIMs.

 on May 18, 2018
By Heath
*LOVE* *LOVE* *LOVE* – These SIM cards worked perfectly when we traveled to Japan for 2 weeks. They are an absolute “MUST” for anyone going to Japan. Navigating the subway and navigating in general was a piece of cake with Google Maps, thanks to these SIM cards. We purchased the 5GB data plan a few weeks before we left. On the plane ride over, we popped the SIMs in our phones. Upon arriving, we used the WiFi at the Narita airport to connect to the tech support website and install the “profile” on our iPhones. After that, a quick reboot and we were up and running. The speed was 4G but was still comparable to LTE on AT&T in the States.

Reliable and Fast Sim Card

 on January 6, 2018
By Tori
This SIM card worked perfectly!


 on January 16, 2018


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