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The CLEAR IFM-910CW Spot Voyager utilizes 802.11 b/g wireless standards that can support up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices for fast and reliable Internet access. This amazing wireless access point includes advanced security protocols such as WEP, WPA, and WPA2 to prevent unauthorized use of your connection. Plus, the CLEAR IFM-910CW Spot Voyager runs on a rechargeable battery that can last over 6 hours of continuous use.

Customer Reviews

Works well… Just not everywhere.

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 on February 5, 2013
By Lonnie Juli
Check before you buy to see if you’ll have service at your location. The maps are pretty accurate but fringe areas might need a bit of tweaking to find a sweet spot.

Easy and fast

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 on June 1, 2013
By Debi Fitzsimmons
I bought this CLEAR Spot to replace my Verizon hotspot. Took it out of the box, plugged it in, followed the easy 3 step instructions and was up and running in less than 5 minutes. So far, I haven’t had any connection or speed troubles. I live in an apartment complex surrounded by several brick buildings and I still get a great signal. I had my laptop, desktop and iPod all connected at once and still no lag time or buffering. Add this with the unlimited data plan and you can’t beat it.

Not bad, not bad at all…

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 on May 1, 2013
By Seamus
I bought this product on a whim. I had just gone through a week of annoying connectivity issues using Skype over Comcast’s cable internet. It always seemed to be the worst in the afternoon/evenings and I wondered if Comcast’s network configuration (where I share bandwidth with my neighbors) might be contributing to the problem. Yeah, I know that the same thing happens with cell towers but when I got a postcard from Clear touting their $34.95 (and up) 4G service on the adorable Spot Voyager, I couldn’t resist. I found a nice price for the Voyager here on Amazon and with a few clicks it was on its way for me for less than 50 bucks. Sweet!


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 on June 7, 2013
By daniel
I was using the clearstick atlas as my internet supply. After switching to the clearspot voyager my connection and down load speeds were extremely faster. I hear that they dont have coverage in lots of places, where i am i have good connectivity. I stream a lot of netflix and i am no longer having to wait for the movies to load they’re almost instantaneous. Not only faster speeds but i can now connect my tvs and game systems via wifi. in my opinion i find this product exceptional amongst other internet connection devices i have had in the past. (roadrunner, timewarner,xanadoo). I also noticed comment about clears customer service, i disagree, i have had no problems with their reps in the past when they were clearwire or in the present. They helped me to get set up with no hassles. I do recommend.

I love it. Better than my original model

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 on May 29, 2013
By Karim Jimerson
I bought a clear device when the company was going live about two years ago maybe three. I dropped my device and it never worked again very well. It was hard to find signals so I had to place it in weird spots. So after much stubborness of having to buy a new one I finally broke down and did just that. Well I can get signals in the most closed spaces so that tells me it has a strong antenna to capture signals. It’s cute and I love the lights on it. It’s worth the buy and much cheaper than buying it from the clear retailers.


 on February 3, 2014
By Interstellar
Works well for the area that I am in, very surprised. Wifi range is decent, I can use it in the next room over, a good 20 feet away with one wall separating it. Setup is a breeze, and the device gets four stars because it is beautiful….. battery might not last all that long but you can simply use a USB port of any kind to give it juice. It is very small and I love it.

Awesome hockey puck!

 on November 1, 2014
By Brad
Got this unit for free with all my Bing searches discounts. I still use it today! Sometimes it has to be reset, but other than that it’s a good little unit. It’s especially nice to be able to unplug it and take it with me wherever I go!

Exceeded my expectations

 on September 24, 2013
By Noblkkat
I actually use the CLEAR spot for my home internet. I switched it from the CLEAR USB. It can be mobile internet, which yes i have taken it with me and I was pleased how well it worked without being plugged in.

This is the best 4G unlimited & really easy to setup.

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 on December 6, 2013
By Speed
I heard Clear was bought by Sprint, but Clear is still in activating new customers. This device was really easy to setup. It works great. I connected my laptop & started Internet Explorer. I was directed to Clear’s setup page & I created an account in only 5 minutes. The whole process was really simple, practically anyone can do it.

this little guy is the bomb

 on March 5, 2014
This thing right here is the best I have the spot voyage device its so simple n compact I bring it with me wherever I go I just have it in my pocket its smaller than my wallet amazing


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