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Introducing R1 HD, the newest member of the BLU smartphone family. The new R1 HD promises performance, power, and style.

Customer Reviews


 on July 15, 2016
By Mad Scientist
I received the BLU R1 HD – 16 GB – Black yesterday in the mail. I was too excited to receive it and for $ 60, I did not expect much out of it. As I opened the package, I found a nice looking box in the package. It was nicely sealed and well packaged. I opened the tab and could not wait to get my hands on this amazing product. As I opened the package, the phone was nicely wrapped in a bag with a screen protector on top to protect the screen from scratching. After I took the protective cover from the phone, I found an amazing looking screen the fitted in my hand nicely. The curved screen is often found in high-end phone but I was surprised to find in a phone under $60. Once I got my hands on the phone, I was looking for the battery to put it in and get it started. However, I could not find the battery. It turns out that the battery is built in and it is non-replaceable battery. But that’s ok, for $ 60, still not a bad bargain. I turned the phone on and it took about 10 minutes for set-up and update the phone. After that, I put my sim in and I made couple of phone calls. It has duel sim card slot and one micro SD card slot ( The maximum accepted is 64GB). The sound quality was very good. I tried the speaker phone and it was loud as well. After that I downloaded couple of games to try. I was blown away with the speed of processer. It held up very well. What was more impressive is that it stands by its name HD. That’s how the picture quality was. After that, I jumped on Amazon videos and started watching movies. Again, the clarity of the picture was outstanding. Another benefit of this phone is that because it is BLU-Amazon partnered phone, you can download Amazon Prime Videos on the phone when you have Wi-Fi so you can watch it offline when you have no internet connection. To me, it’s a plus benefit. Now comes the part of actually putting the phone to the LTE test. It did stand up to the LTE test. It downloads and uploads in a zoom. The down side to the phone is that the phone camera quality lacks a little. However, for $ 60 it is to be expected. Another reason this phone receives four stars from me is that the manual is very poorly written. In the packaging there is no headphones like other manufacturers do. But again, for $ 60 it’s a great phone. Not advanced as other but very well designed and easy to use phone.

Awesome Phone for the Price, and in General!

 on August 20, 2016
By Hunter
I’ve had this device for about a week now. If there is anything that comes up that I don’t like after a month I will update the review.

BLU is worth it! Just be careful where you buy.

 on May 30, 2017
By CaptainJaneway
This was my first BLU phone and I was very happy with it! All the utility of a $600 samsung or apple product at a fraction of the price. Easy to set up and worked very well with my net10 account. Took decent pictures, apps worked just fine for everything from geocaching to angry birds. Calls were clear, with no more drops than usual for our rural area. I”d still be using it if I hadn’t dropped it on cement and made the display go all wonky. The phone still worked just fine, but the screen was too blurry to live with. So I ordered an identical Life XL. Unfortunately that one came loaded with spyware. I filed a complaint with the seller, tojostore, but they refused to respond until I left bad feedback. Then they quickly refunded my money without even asking for the phone back, so they know they were guilty. Lesson learned, always buy just from Amazon, and immediately run a malware checker before putting any contacts or other personal information on the phone!

Amazing phone for great price!

 on June 30, 2017
By SuperKaiaFragilistic
I bought 3 of these phones for my 3, 6 and 8 year old children July of least year (2016) so, we have had them for going on a year now. I don’t have them hooked up to any carrier, we just use them on wifi. They have held up wonderfully. We do have screen covers and cases, but I believe that is a must with any electronic device. I’m happy to say it has periodically had system updates, which is great! The phones are responsive, touch screen works great. Battery life lasts all day with lots of use 🙂 my kids have tons of games downloaded on them. They watch movies, listen to music, take pictures and videos, video chat off of the wifi with google hangouts, play Minecraft and roblox, you name it. In the car, the kids like to connect to my hotspot and play Pokemon. They love to send me text messages and pictures with google hangouts.

Believe the hype. This phone is amazing!

 on September 27, 2016
By ASE13
Waaaaay back when Android phones first came out, my wife had several and they were all hunks of junk. I eventually ended up switching from Blackberry to iPhone and vowed to never, ever go the Android route. Fast forward about six years later and I’ve found that I’ve fallen in love with Android by accident.

Probably the best phone for the money

 on April 30, 2017
By IanC
I tend to get older model phones to save money as I am not overly worried about having the best devices cause I am kind of rough on them and I just don’t think I need them. My last phone that broke last week somewhat unexpectedly was a Samsung Galaxy S4-mini (paid about $130 in 2015, I believe 3 generations old now) which was fine for me but had a failed charging port that just kept getting worse until it no longer worked at all. THIS phone however, outperforms it every way, even the camera which is not as clear as like the high end phones coming out, still has better pictures than they older “name brand phones” like my S4. The functions all operate extremely fast and as a test of battery life (which was a major downside of my last phone), I only lost about 12% over night when the phone was not in use (about 10 hours) which I was pretty content with. The picture on the display is very crisp and the Amazon advertising is actually a lot less disruptive or annoying than I anticipated when I bought the phone. The only real intrusion is it rotates ad’s on the lock screen before you swipe to access the home screen. No pop-ups or excessive start-up apps while you are using the phone’s functions. For the money, i feel it is probably the best phone currently available. If you aren’t worried about having the Top of the line telecommunication status symbol, you just broke your old phone and are light on cash, or just love getting a good value for your money – I would buy this phone and be pleasantly surprised.

Great for international travel

 on December 30, 2016
By charlottiek
I took this on a trip to Italy. When I got there I easily purchased an Italian SIM card for cheap.The phone works really well. I used it for google maps and it was nice to have a local phone number. Great operating system and I didn’t encounter any bugs/glitches using the smartphone apps and features we all love.


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